Sunday, May 2, 2010

What Goes Around Comes Around

I'm feeling a bit benevolent today for some reason. Maybe because it is Sunday.
Do you have a blog or web site?
Do you take advantage of the comment section of other blogs to get a backlink to you web site?
I was just thinking about how I sometimes leave comments and then I hit on the idea that I should help other people out as well as help myself.
Sometimes we get caught up in promoting our sites and forget that other people can help us get traffic by just changing our focus from helping ourselves to helping others.
Nick Stewart from Nick's Traffic Tricks knows this. He has a blog entry where he will "stumble" your web site for free with StumbleUpon. He stumbles up to 3 web sites for you, for free. He also asks you to stumble his posts for him too. But, not everybody does this. It's okay because he probably knows how many people do this for every so many people who read his blog.
But I'm not promoting Nick's web site for anything other than the reason that YOU should get in the habit of whenever you make a comment on other blogs that you should take a second to Stumble them.
Maybe someone will stumble yours too!
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How to Do a Google Search

I've just made some changes to one of my articles at Ezine Articles. One of the things I quickly found out was that if I wanted to make money online I needed to learn how to do research online. To research my articles or do research for my e-books that I was creating I had to know some techniques to get the results I wanted without having to sift through a lot of extra stuff.  Here is my newly edited article:

How to Do a Google Search
I have been hanging around Yahoo Answers lately and I'm surprised by how many people still don't do a search before they ask a question. If it's just laziness then I can't help that. But if you truly don't know how to do a search then I may have some tricks or "hacks" for you.

If you want better results without the extra "fluff" that you weren't looking for then these may be the solutions you are looking for. I don't have all the answers here for you, but I'll show you later how to get more "hacks" that you can use to refine your search.

  • One of the easiest to use are searches using quotation marks. If you want to search for an exact phrase enclose the phrase in quotation marks.
  • Use the "+" symbol for searches that include other words. For example: apple +tree for a search about apples and trees. You shouldn't get anything to do with apple pies unless the word tree is on the web site.
  • Use the "-" symbol if you want to search for something that doesn't include a specific term. For example, you could look for spears but you don't want all the celebrity gossip about Britney Spears by putting spears -britney in the search window.
  • If you are looking for a specific kind of web site or a word in a URL then use the inurl: hack. If you are looking for forums to join then you could put inurl:forum in the search window and find all the forums with the word forum in it.
  • All web pages have a title bar. You can do a search for your keywords in the title bar by using the allintitle search, for example: allintitle:traffic would get you results that have the word traffic in the title bar. This is why it is always a good idea when creating a web page to include as many keywords possible in your title. That is just good SEO.
  • Finding a pdf, htm or jpg file on the internet on the internet is easy too. Use the filetype: hack. For example - apple filetype:pdf
For other tips on how to refine your search go to Google/Advanced Search/Advanced Search Tips.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to Leverage Yahoo Answers to Get More Traffic to Your Web Site

I got suspended...again. That makes it about 4 times I've been suspended on Yahoo Answers.

So what makes me think that I know without a doubt how to get more traffic to my blog or web site using only Yahoo Answers?   Being suspended 4 times has given me the experience on what NOT to do to get suspended.

This last time was a bit embarrassing. What I was doing worked until I did something that ticked people off.

Hitler gets suspended from Yahoo Answers
<a href="">LinkedTube</a>

So, do you want to know what to do and what not to do to send more traffic to your web site?

Here is my list what to do:
  • Give good answers.  You've seen the stupid answers and the short answers with no information.  Ignore those but learn from them.  Just give better answers and you'll see that you will get more "Best Answers" vote than most people do.  For Each "Best Answer" vote that you get you earn 10 points.  More "Best Answers" mean you quickly get to the next level.  When you get to level 2 your hyperlinks become active so you want to get to level 2 as fast as you can.
  • Answer as many questions as you are allowed to each day.  The more you answer the faster you get to the next level.  If you want top contributor status you should stay in one category as much as you can.
  • Here is where the fun begins.  Go to your settings page and in the About Me box put a little blurb about yourself including your URL.  You may want to write that you are the webmaster at and then STOP!  That is all you do to promote your site. Do nothing else!  You will find that on average 1 person goes to your profile page for every 10 people that see your answer.  It's a numbers game and that is the best you should hope for at Yahoo Answers.  People are just naturally curious about you if they like your answer and will click on your Avatar.
Here is what not to do:
  • I know we get excited when we discover different ways to make money online.  And we plug in our affiliate link wherever we can get away with.  Don't do it at YA!  That is the first thing you'll get suspended on real quick.  If you want to put your affiliate link anywhere do it in your About Me box but if you do that don't tell people to go there.  Let them naturally gravitate to it.  To be even safer go to TinyUrl and cloak your link and use that.
  • Don't put an affiliate link in the Source Box.  You'll just get attention and someone will click on the Abuse button and you'll get your account suspended.
  • Are you an internet marketer?  Then stay away from questions asking about "How to make money online" and "How to get traffic to my Blog" and anything similar to this.  These categories are filled with people promoting free traffic services and turnkey web site systems.  The scam sites that are looking for easy prey proliferate here and will protect their turf.
  • Don't be a cop.  If someone is clearly spamming the site, do nothing.  Do not call them out on it when answering their question.  Do not ask a question about it or you will incur the wrath of these spammers and their blind followers.  You'll be suspended quicker than you can say "that's unfair!"

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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Mistakes I Make when I comment on other blogs


Oops, I did it again!

I am so used to submitting articles or writing posts to the Warrior Forum or writing for my blog that I forget to proof read my comments before clicking on that submit button.

Sometimes you don't get a another chance to get it right.

Thank you Carissa for giving me a second chance.

Even though the blog post I commented on is just over a year old I still value the chance to share my thoughts and maybe even benefit from the extra exposure to my web site. You see, I asked this question a while ago if it was worth commenting on people's blog posts from way back. The answer I got was from my own experience. I still get free traffic from comments I had made from over a year ago. Just like when I search for blogs that I'm interested in - I don't even check the post dates anymore - people search for things on the internet that turn up results that are years old. And they are still relevant.

And as for Carissa, thank you for checking back and approving my "edited" version of my comment. Your blog says you've moved to a new Wordpress themed blog and you could have forgotten about this one and my comments would never had been approved.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Shelf Life of A Tweet - Part Two

The results are in. I've concluded that the shelf life of a Tweet is about 15 minutes with no significant amount of traffic after that. That's if the message hasn't been retweeted. My results are for part one:

Start time 18:38 -
1 minute - 13 clicks
5 minutes - 18 clicks
15 minutes - 21 clicks
30 minutes - 22 clicks

I guess these results are not typical as everybody on Twitter has a different number of followers. My results came from a following of 7349 people which if you know about Twitter weren't all on Twitter at the same time.

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The Shelf Life of A Tweet - Part One

I've been using a Url Shortener that also allows you to track how many people have clicked through your URL's through Twitter. I was just curious because some people I've noticed are using Twitter to post messages for MLM's and affiliate links every 15 seconds or every minute - all day.

And they haven't been suspended or banned! Go figure! What really surprises me are these people have followers. Tens of thousands of them!

So I wanted to try something to figure out the lifetime of a Tweet. I'm going to use and try to find out how long it takes before the traffic stops coming to this post.

I'll update you in the next post.

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Trading Your Time For Nothing - How Not To Make Money Online

Most of us probably started the same way when we attempted to make an online income.  We got this crazy notion that we could make millions just like those internet gurus do.  That it is possible.

But we just needed someone to show us.

So we clicked links.   And we found free "systems" if we just entered our information in the opt-in form.  These people promised that if we just followed their system then we could get rich just like them.  And we believed it.  So we tried them and nothing happened.  We used free traffic exchanges because we bought into the idea that we didn't have to spend money to make money.  We soon figured out if thousands of people were promoting this web site why would people join me?  And then the cycle began.

We found more free content and tried to read huge ebooks that we got for nothing and ended up on so many email lists that just reading the emails took hours.  And we  didn't really get anywhere.  How many free ebooks do you have cluttering your hard drive?

So what are we supposed to do if we still want/need to make a little extra cash?

If you've been spinning your wheels for so long without results here are a few tips to clear yourself and your hard drive from information overload and have your own "money-making system". These are two of the most important steps to creating an online business according to this recent post from the CopyBlogger.
  1. Try.
  2. Repeat step 1 until the desired result is achieved.
And here are some of my tips:
  • Traffic Exchanges are okay if you're just starting out.  Just don't join anything.  Get your free credits by clicking on through web sites so you can get people to see yours.  Traffic exchanges are good practice for learning how to write compelling titles or ads.  But this could turn into an unpaid job if you get involved too much.
  • Don't follow the latest trend.  Pick one method and stick with it until you've mastered it.  I just realized that internet marketers are always looking for new products to promote to their lists and once they run out of ideas they go back and recycle something that was done years ago.  Remember banner ads?  I'm getting emails promoting banner ads now which were passe several years ago.
  • Manage your emails.  I sign up to several email lists every week, but I also unsubscribe to a lot of them every week too.  Especially the ones who give me no value - the ones who are always offering me a product with each one.  Have a folder for each marketer that you value their information.  Sometimes I give people extra time to show me value.  If I don't see it forthcoming I unsubscribe.
  • Focus.  If you don't do anything to move your business forward every day then you're just treating it like a hobby.  People will sense that you're not being serious.
  • Every once in a while you may want to buy a product if it's going to help you.  Sometimes they help you get to your goals quicker and save you time.  Just don't buy everything.
There are many more tips I could tell you but figuring out where your best efforts applied that can bring your business to the next level is the best teacher for you.  Do what works for you and keep on trying.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

How Many Bloggers Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

Depends on how many of them get paid.  I heard not many.  You would have to talk to a lot of bloggers before you would actually find one who made enough money online to make a living at it.  That's kind of the reason I started this blog.
I wanted something to keep score.
After many months of being a member on the Warrior Forum I haven't made any significant money from Adsense - I made some but not enough to get a check, yet.  I've managed to get a sale from Clickbank only to have my commission refunded with only days to spare on the guarantee.  I've tried Twitter but learned that you can't just send people straight to an affiliate link unless you've got thousands and thousands of followers.  I'm still trying to find the best way to make money online.
Article marketing can be fun, but if you have trouble writing a lot of articles quickly the traffic dies down and the clicks through to your web sites slow down to a trickle real fast.
So that's why I started this blog.
Kind of like my experimental blog.
I figured it was a way to share some things that I'm doing to get to the next level and maybe let others share what they've learned in the Internet Marketing field.   So, if you want to get a piece of that then just PM me at the Warrior Forum - I'm Ryan700.  Who knows there might be some surprises in the works.  And we all may make a little more money!