Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to Leverage Yahoo Answers to Get More Traffic to Your Web Site

I got suspended...again. That makes it about 4 times I've been suspended on Yahoo Answers.

So what makes me think that I know without a doubt how to get more traffic to my blog or web site using only Yahoo Answers?   Being suspended 4 times has given me the experience on what NOT to do to get suspended.

This last time was a bit embarrassing. What I was doing worked until I did something that ticked people off.

Hitler gets suspended from Yahoo Answers
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So, do you want to know what to do and what not to do to send more traffic to your web site?

Here is my list what to do:
  • Give good answers.  You've seen the stupid answers and the short answers with no information.  Ignore those but learn from them.  Just give better answers and you'll see that you will get more "Best Answers" vote than most people do.  For Each "Best Answer" vote that you get you earn 10 points.  More "Best Answers" mean you quickly get to the next level.  When you get to level 2 your hyperlinks become active so you want to get to level 2 as fast as you can.
  • Answer as many questions as you are allowed to each day.  The more you answer the faster you get to the next level.  If you want top contributor status you should stay in one category as much as you can.
  • Here is where the fun begins.  Go to your settings page and in the About Me box put a little blurb about yourself including your URL.  You may want to write that you are the webmaster at and then STOP!  That is all you do to promote your site. Do nothing else!  You will find that on average 1 person goes to your profile page for every 10 people that see your answer.  It's a numbers game and that is the best you should hope for at Yahoo Answers.  People are just naturally curious about you if they like your answer and will click on your Avatar.
Here is what not to do:
  • I know we get excited when we discover different ways to make money online.  And we plug in our affiliate link wherever we can get away with.  Don't do it at YA!  That is the first thing you'll get suspended on real quick.  If you want to put your affiliate link anywhere do it in your About Me box but if you do that don't tell people to go there.  Let them naturally gravitate to it.  To be even safer go to TinyUrl and cloak your link and use that.
  • Don't put an affiliate link in the Source Box.  You'll just get attention and someone will click on the Abuse button and you'll get your account suspended.
  • Are you an internet marketer?  Then stay away from questions asking about "How to make money online" and "How to get traffic to my Blog" and anything similar to this.  These categories are filled with people promoting free traffic services and turnkey web site systems.  The scam sites that are looking for easy prey proliferate here and will protect their turf.
  • Don't be a cop.  If someone is clearly spamming the site, do nothing.  Do not call them out on it when answering their question.  Do not ask a question about it or you will incur the wrath of these spammers and their blind followers.  You'll be suspended quicker than you can say "that's unfair!"

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