Monday, March 1, 2010

The Mistakes I Make when I comment on other blogs


Oops, I did it again!

I am so used to submitting articles or writing posts to the Warrior Forum or writing for my blog that I forget to proof read my comments before clicking on that submit button.

Sometimes you don't get a another chance to get it right.

Thank you Carissa for giving me a second chance.

Even though the blog post I commented on is just over a year old I still value the chance to share my thoughts and maybe even benefit from the extra exposure to my web site. You see, I asked this question a while ago if it was worth commenting on people's blog posts from way back. The answer I got was from my own experience. I still get free traffic from comments I had made from over a year ago. Just like when I search for blogs that I'm interested in - I don't even check the post dates anymore - people search for things on the internet that turn up results that are years old. And they are still relevant.

And as for Carissa, thank you for checking back and approving my "edited" version of my comment. Your blog says you've moved to a new Wordpress themed blog and you could have forgotten about this one and my comments would never had been approved.

Would you mind sharing this on Twitter?

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