Sunday, May 2, 2010

What Goes Around Comes Around

I'm feeling a bit benevolent today for some reason. Maybe because it is Sunday.
Do you have a blog or web site?
Do you take advantage of the comment section of other blogs to get a backlink to you web site?
I was just thinking about how I sometimes leave comments and then I hit on the idea that I should help other people out as well as help myself.
Sometimes we get caught up in promoting our sites and forget that other people can help us get traffic by just changing our focus from helping ourselves to helping others.
Nick Stewart from Nick's Traffic Tricks knows this. He has a blog entry where he will "stumble" your web site for free with StumbleUpon. He stumbles up to 3 web sites for you, for free. He also asks you to stumble his posts for him too. But, not everybody does this. It's okay because he probably knows how many people do this for every so many people who read his blog.
But I'm not promoting Nick's web site for anything other than the reason that YOU should get in the habit of whenever you make a comment on other blogs that you should take a second to Stumble them.
Maybe someone will stumble yours too!
If you found this helpful, would you mind stumbling this page?

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